On-Site Repairs

On-site Repair Rates:

We offer a competitive hourly rate for on-site (home or business) services. Our hourly rate applies to time spent working on your game. Parts and supplies are additional. We are available by appointment. Our business hours are week nights and Saturdays and Sundays.

  • On-site Repairs (0-20 miles from Hollis, Maine) $50/hr (plus parts)
  • On-site Repairs (*21-40 miles from Hollis, Maine) $55/hr (plus parts)
  • On-site Repairs (*41-60 miles from Hollis, Maine) $60/hr (plus parts)
  • *A $30 fuel charge will be added for service calls 21 miles and over from Hollis Center, Maine
  • *Service beyond 1 hour of travel time will include a $40/hr charge for travel
  • In-Shop rates are $40/hr for repairs (plus parts)
  • All rates start a minimum of 1 hour

On-site Repairs on previously well maintained arcade games typically take about an hour. However there are many cases where the work required can take more than one trip to repair a machine. Many parts are special order; the first trip is usually to diagnose the problem and obtain a list of parts to order. The second trip is usually to install the new parts, assemble, and test. We do not charge for travel time when located within our service area.

Repairs can also be done at the shop. Maine Pinball Repair can pick up and deliver your game within our normal service area for a flat rate of $65. Games can be delivered for an additional fee.

Game drop off to the shop is also available and can be done by appointment only.

Repair work is warrantied for 30 days. For a repair to be covered under warranty it must be the exact same failure and exact same parts or components that were originally serviced.

Is your machine in need of more than just a few repairs?
We offer a range of Shop Servicing and Restoration options to bring your favorite pinball game back to life.