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Restoring a favorite pinball machine, be it EM (electro-mechanical) or Solid-State, is one of my specialties.  Taking a game into the shop that has not seen any work or repair done to it in 15, 25 or 50 years is truly fun. Typically these games do not work and have playfield rubber falling off, perhaps paint missing, pieces of plastic broken, no working lights and just have not seen any love in many years.  I take great pride in bringing these types of games back to life.

The level of restoration is determined by the owner. Take a look at some of the before and after pictures above to get excited about having your game restored into a show piece. There are a vast level of differences in restorations; from complete playfield stripping, cleaning and buffing all metal, to playfield touchup and cabinet stenciling. Specific details are discussed with the client to ensure complete satisfaction.   In either case refurbishing or full restoration, all electronics in the game be it Solidstate or EM are adjusted for reliable game use.   Do remember some of these games have existed for 50 years and some components do need to be replaced, resoldered, upgraded, or adjusted for reliability’s sake.

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